About Valeur

About Valeur

At Valeur we do B2B canvassing, appointment setting, and customer service. We have four branches, which derive from the experiences the owners and employees have obtained through 20 years of hard work. The four branches are


Every area represents the competences Valeur holds, where we can provide a service, which brings value to other companies.

In the light of the experience and knowledge we have obtained over the last 20 years, we help establish the right foundation and starting point for our customer's sales work. In general Valeur works with old fashion canvassing. We create value for money, by setting up appointments for the customer, which hopefully will generate a sale. There are many steps in this process, and all of these steps represent value for the customer at the appointment we set up.

Appointment setting and canvassing is about human and business contact, and our experienced and mature employees, know what it takes to set up a valuable appointment, regardless of industry, sector, or purpose. At Valeur we believe that it is not about setting up as many appointments as possible, but setting up valuable and qualitative appointments.

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