About Valeur

Mission, vision, and values


Valeur should be Denmark's number one supplier on the market for telemarketing services, build from years of experience, professionalism, commitment, and an excellent reputation.

  • The customer                                            Companies should think of Valeur, when choosing external collaborators in our core business areas.
  • Employees                                                    Valeur should be the natural choice for the most qualified employees in telemarketing.


  1. Commitment
    - Perseverance, enthusiasm, passion, hard work
  2. Ethics
    - Moral, sense, heart, correct behavior
  3. Intuition
    Logic, sense, situational awareness
  4. Quality
    - Focus, knowledge, concentration
  5. Results
    - Determination, orientation, focus


We put the customer at the center of our business, and thanks to dialogue and common ground, we build a long lasting cooperation. The work process of B2B canvassing and customer service is characterized by experience, a structural approach, and perseverance.

  • Employees                                                         We have a pleasant work environment, which attracts, develops, and holds on to qualified and committed employees
  • We create value                                          All employees recognize how they create value for our customers as well as for Valeur.

We always act ethically correct and show respect for everyone we have contact with. That's why we are active members of the Danish telemarketing association (DTF), where we let our voices be heard, when decisions about norms and rules in the Danish telemarketing industry are being made.

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