About Valeur

The Story

Focus on development and growth

Valeur is one of only twelve Danish companies that have been honored five years in a row, for their extraordinary growth rate. Thus Valeur is among the Danish elite and this exclusively because of our focus on development and growth in the light of certain principles in the B2B canvassing work.    
Valeur was founded in 1992. For the first ten years, Valeur developed slowly, only to take giant steps for the following eight years, propelling them to an exclusive company of only twelve companies, who have doubled their turnover over the last four years, for five straight years. The Growth rate hasn't meant, that we have let go of our conservative approach to business operation, and Valeur is still down to earth with a healthy and solid economy.

Background and future

Behind Valeur is owner and founder Karin Valeur, who has a background in sales and customer administration in many different industries. She founded the company in 1992. Valeur started off small, but received the first large order in 1995, and has since been an important business partner for companies of various sizes, both in the private and the public sector.
In order to consolidate a sound position on the market and thereby ensure future growth and development, Karin Valeur has engaged in a partnership with sales- and marketing manager Klaus Leffers as part of a generational change, which was initiated in the beginning of 2011.

Human understanding and ethics are cornerstones

Valeur is based on solid B2B canvassing, where perseverance is a virtue and the everyday work is conducted as part of the long haul. This way of work is what characterizes Valeur and we take pride in helping large as well as small customers understand and implement this way of work. Based on our development and through our long list of references as well as analytical approach to the market, Valeur has proven that we always end up with results. Sales and customer service is about sound human understanding and ethics and we can help your company assure that you get the suitable business contacts, and approach them with fitting customer service in order to build at healthy and long lasting relationship to the customers.    
Valeur continues the development and has chosen four solid branches to build our business on:


Presently we employ 38 employees and we're experiencing strong demands from existing and new customers. The organization and culture at Valeur can be described with

  • Common sense
  • A down to earth approach
  • Serious work approach
  • Mature adults
  • The long haul
  • Solid company
  • Development and growth
  • Healthy economy
  • …and not least a great workplace


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