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Work environment

In 2008 Valeur was certified in work environment under the work environment standard DS/OHSAS 18001:2008. Valeur is the first Danish telemarketing company to get this certification.

At Valeur a good and well functioning physical and mental work environment has always been a top priority, which is why a certification was a natural step for the company.

Happy employees equal happy customers

With the introduction of work environment management we sustain a systematical and strategic effort to secure an ongoing improvement of the work environment and to prevent work related sufferings or accidents. Our systematical work with the work environment ensures that responsibility and tasks are clearly divided between management and the security organization.

Our goal is to establish an exciting and challenging work place, where the employees feel recognized, valued, and responsible, as well as the customers experience a high degree of trust. Through our own training we wish to make sure our employees are as qualified as possible and thereby a valuable asset, when working on assignments together with our customers, in order to create a close relationship with the customer.

We want the employees to have an impact on the work environment

Valeur emphasize the balance between work- and family life and as a result we offer flexible work hours. At the same time, we wish to have a positive impact on the employees by endorsing different health actions in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In order to maintain and attract qualified and experienced employees we offer a high degree of influence on everyday work, as well as a first-class physical environment. Through involvement and information, we encourage our employees to actively take a stand regarding their own work environment.

Since being certified, we have strived to comply with and follow current Danish legislation in the work environment area, as well as communicate openly and honestly with customers, employees and the authorities about Valeur's work environment conditions.

By being an active member of the Danish telemarketing association (DTF) we wish to comply with strong ethical rules, as a natural part of our everyday work.

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