The CEO of Valeur, Karin Valeur, offers lectures for networks, associations, companies, and educational institutions.

The subjects of the lectures are agreed upon with the customer. Previous lectures have been about

  • The success of Valeur
  • Focusing on sales and how structured sales work provides results
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Successful women
  • A generational change as part of a successful development

Valeur is a rock solid and experienced company that has experienced several up and downs on the market. Despite this, Valeur has remained determined and always been in the black.

Furthermore we have dealt with all industries and business types on the Danish market, which has led to some huge challenges, but also a lot of learning experiences.

Because of these experiences the story- and knowledge bank has steadily grown and other companies often turn to us to get advice on specific cases and we are happy to share our experiences with other organizations.

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