Our approach

Valeur Academy is the result of years of experience with B2B sales, telemarketing, and appointment setting as well as our approach to good and proper customer service.

Valeur Academy is conducted in different varieties:

  • Training at Valeur's headquarters
  • Courses at your facilities
  • Sales coaching
  • Consulting
  • Lectures

Increase the growth potential of your company

We have no intention of competing with business schools, which is why we only conduct training and courses within the areas of our everyday work. This is also to ensure you that we know what we are talking about.

We have built knowledge that can prove useful for other companies, who have a desire to optimize their sales work, their customer service or to receive training in how to optimize the growth potential of their company. We can equip your employees with the necessary skills that can increase the sales potential of the entire company. Whether it is the receptionist who needs training in good customer service, or the account manager who needs to dust off his appointment setting skills, we can help.

We know growth

Valeur has experienced growth every year since the foundation in 1992. Contact us if you to hear more about how we can contribute with knowledge and training in order to boost your sales potential.


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