Training in appointment setting and sales

Valeur Academy offers personal training in canvassing and appointment setting for:

  • Individuals
  • A group of employees from the same company
  • A group of employees from different companies

The training is a practical course, where you work on real prospects and go home with actual appointments in your calendar. It is our experience that practical training has the best effect, when you return to your own office.

The training can be carried out in one day or several days, for companies who wish to handle the sales work and appointment setting themselves. We are able to offer a very favorable price, because you will be doing a lot actual profitable work.

The training will be conducted out of our offices, in a very sales minded atmosphere. Everyone around you works on B2B canvassing and appointment setting and you will listen in on many different talks regarding very different products. The course can be continuous or split up in a span of a couple of weeks.

From a full training course you will get:
Evident results from your sales work:


  • Sales meetings you have booked yourself             - Knowledge from the calls - also if you don't succeed in setting up an appointment                 - A list of companies who wants a follow up regarding a sales meeting
  • A toolbox containing
  • A sound theoretical foundation
  • A thorough work structure and good routines in canvassing
  • Different ways to evaluate your results
  • A report of the work you have carried out and the appointments you have arranged during your days of training, along with a list of the companies you haven't yet contacted.
  • Assessment of target groups, prospects, and contact persons.
  • Personal development regarding canvassing
  • Before the initial start up our project department has prepared a list of prospects, set up a prospect database, loaded them and printed a calling list.

During the training our instructor will provide ongoing coaching and feedback. 
Målet er, at møderne bliver booket
Du ringer - vi lytter, og i fællesskab når vi frem til de helt rigtige metoder for at nå resultaterne. Det er ikke blot et tiltag på mødebooking, men du vil efterfølgende selv kunne booke gode salgsmøder ud fra strukturerede salgsrutiner.


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