Valeur Analytics can be your business partner, if you need to know more about your business and what surrounds it. With respect for the respondent and the customer, we carry out the assignment you need.

Cost efficient surveys

As a telemarketing company we built Valeur Analytics from the principles of the canvassing work, where quantity, efficiency, and speed is of the essence. These principles enable us to cost efficiently carry out surveys of different kind and on different levels. It is our experience that we can provide customers with value through smaller and easily conducted analysis of the market, equal to large and cost heavy analysis conducted by a specialized survey company.

We are by your side from idea to evaluation

Do you need to be enlightened on questions regarding your market or company; we can assist you, no matter the scale. Even the smallest survey can provide you with valuable knowledge. Valeur Analytics can help you work out a cohesive plan for the entire process, from concept and design, over questionnaires and data collection to statistics. Based on your needs, we can also assist you in parts of the process.

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