Customer satisfaction surveys

Valeur Analytics can help you look into the customer satisfaction for your company. Often it is easier and more profitable to retain existing customers, rather than finding new ones and therefore it is necessary to be aware of the level of satisfaction your customers have towards the service or product you provide.

Valeur Analytics carry out customer satisfaction analysis fast and efficiently. Furthermore we have a logical approach to business, and a value adding approach to research like this.

Customers are happy to share their experience

Asking about customer's satisfaction is considered as an extraordinary service and often leaves you with a lot of goodwill. That is why a customer satisfaction survey is a great tool in the sales works toolbox and many companies choose to publish the results. For potential customers this is a sign of confidence in your own business.

Valeur Analytics can help you develop the entire plan for the project, from concept design to statistics and evaluation. As an alternative we can assist you in parts of the process.

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