Employee satisfaction

A large part of your company's total competencies belongs to your employees, making happy and loyal employees essential to the company's overall performance and results. At Valeur we put a lot of emphasis on the wellbeing of our employees. To maintain the happiness of our employees, we carry out ongoing surveys, to ensure that the knowledge and competences that are developed over time remains in our fold.

Know your staff

There are several reasons to conduct an employee satisfaction survey. Primarily a survey is conducted in order to maintain the employees, but also to keep them loyal. Today unsatisfied employees are the main reason for a high employee churn rate, which is costly in the long run.

Furthermore employee satisfaction surveys can tell you about what areas are of importance to the employees, which gives you an idea about which work related conditions should be maintained and/or improved.   

By conducting an employee satisfaction survey in cooperation with Valeur Analytics, you get the chance to identify what has the biggest influence on the satisfaction of your employees. A high level of satisfaction among the staff is closely related to the performance of the staff, which ultimately is reflected in the results of your company.


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