Brand awareness- and image analysis

How known is your product(s) and your company on the market?
What is your product(s) and company known for?

A brand awareness- and/or image analysis conducted by Valeur Analytics can provide valuable knowledge regarding the questions above. Knowledge that can be decisive regarding the future, but even more regarding which areas should be prioritized.

Brand awareness

In general a brand awareness analysis will shed some light on how large a share of the market who knows you. After the analysis, you will be able to answer following questions

  • How known is you company, compared to your customers?
  • How large a share of your potential customers has heard about you?
  • How did customers and potential customers learn about you?
  • Are there segments that aren't familiar with your products/business areas?
  • Are there geographical areas, where your brand is less known?

Image analysis

An image analysis sheds light on the general perception of your product or company. Indirectly this also says something about how interesting your company is as a business partner. You will often find that there is a difference in perception between yourself and the customers or potential customers, which makes an image analysis an important tool to change the development of the company.

The image analysis can tell you something about the credibility, the quality and the competences your company is associated with, also compared to your primary competitors.


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