Our approach

ValeurAnalytics has a wide range, and we carry out different kinds of surveys for both companies and public organizations. We don't necessarily stick to a certain model, but look at each task in a fresh light and adapt it to the needs and demands of the customer. Thus we stand out as a flexible and neutral business partner, with one agenda: To provide you with valuable and usable data.

As a telemarketing company we built Valeur Analytics from the principles of the canvassing work, where quantity, efficiency, and speed is of the essence. These principles enable us to cost efficiently carry out surveys of different kind and on different levels.

It is our experience that we can provide customers with value through smaller and easily conducted analysis of the market, equal to large and cost heavy analysis conducted by a specialized survey company. We listen carefully to the needs of our customers and provide them with results that are their money's worth.

Quality above all

However, in the light of previous experiences and different studies, we are very aware of the quality of a survey. As a result our analytical approach is very thorough, and we take our time to advice on market, segmentation of respondents, type of questionnaire, etc.

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Brand awareness- and image analysis
Customer satisfaction analysis
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