Our approach

At Valeur ContactCenter we work from the same principles that run through the other departments of Valeur. In our team we are 10 employees, who work closely together as united team. We answer our customer's calls, handle the requests, take messages, and/or dispatch the call. We work together as a team, where we learn from- and help each other, which ultimately is beneficiary to your company.

We "become" your company

We handle the incoming calls of many companies, and we are never bored. We have a human approach to customer service and we are always in high spirits, meeting you or your customers with a warm and friendly voice. Closeness is a keyword at Valeur, because we always want to be in close contact with our customers, so we can adapt to the culture and the tone of the company we represent. This way we can represent external companies in the best possible manner.

We have an advanced system that makes it easy for our employees to handle each call properly. Every employee has a monitor that shows who the call is directed at. We answer the phone in your name and all we need to know about your company is presented in the screen. This way of work is intended to give you the feeling that our employees are part of your company.

Furthermore we are flexible, which means we can adapt to any kind of situation that may requires extra staff.

Our setup

Valeur has a very advanced phone system, which enables us to adapt to your phones regardless of system or operator.  Below you can see how an initial setup is carried out. The setup can be completed in a couple of hours.

  • We provide you with a hidden number that will forward your incoming calls to our system
  • We clarify, how you would like us to report back to you (Phone, text message, e-mail)
  • Our staff is briefed by one of our project managers
  • We get to know your organization and location(s)
  • We systemize the facts: Who is who, contact information, areas of responsibility etc.
  • We learn about what you do

In time we get to know your company in depth, which will increase our service level little by little.

We identify with your company

Answering service is not just about answering the phone. It is also about what is done after the call, when a message must be delivered, an order must be placed, etc.  Our staff is mature, knowledgeable, experienced, and sales- and service minded. They enjoy talking on the phone, they have tact, and they know how to put themselves in the customer's place.

So whether your business is a web shop, an insurance company, a consulting business, a storage facility, or a school, Valeur is your loyal representative and result oriented business partner.


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