Valeur's core business is B2B telemarketing, which is based on 20 years of experience. We consider ourselves as one of the industry's most serious operators based on our high level of success, highly qualified employees and not least our large and broad customer portfolio across all industries.

The Long Haul

We work professionally based on very specific methods, which helps secure an even and result oriented workflow that helps bring value to our customers. We call this workflow "The Long Haul", because it takes persistence and often several calls, sometimes over years, before we can present a useful outcome.

It is definitely a long haul, but it is absolutely necessary, if a company wants to succeed in the canvassing effort.Valeur has great experience in operating within different markets and industries and is perfectly suited as your advisory business partner, when it comes to B2B canvassing and appointment setting.Valeur's staff consists of mature consultants, who take the responsibility to create relations between your company and potential new customers. We always encourage a close dialogue between our consultants and our customers, to make sure everyone are on the same page. Furthermore our consultants are all on a fixed salary, which differs from other companies in the telemarketing industry.


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