Appointment setting

Since 1992 Valeur has specialized in B2B canvassing and has delivered services within appointment setting, in order to give companies the opportunity to outsource the canvassing work and focus entirely on their core business. 20 years of experience and the everyday routines of B2B canvassing is our main competence. We know how to get our customers more customers.

B2B appointment setting and canvassing

At Valeur we use basic methods within B2B canvassing and appointment setting. Our prime goal is to create a relation between your company and the prospects in the market, where your company operates.

A continuous effort is a necessary foundation, if a company wants an ongoing flow of new customers. However customer care and order processing for existing customers are equally important, and thus the work of getting new customers is often delayed or neglected all together.

The long haul

In general Valeur works with old fashion canvassing and appointment setting. We create value for money, by setting up appointments for the customer, which hopefully will generate sale. There are many steps in this process, and all of these steps represent value for the customer at the sale appointment. This value can be traced through the entire process of our work. We define this process as the long haul. We have given the process this definition, because of all the different steps we go through prior to a campaign, in order to build the best possible foundation for the assignment. Furthermore we believe it is paramount to be persistent with every lead, until the effort materializes in an appointment or a clarification on why an appointment is not relevant.

For further information on appointment setting look under our approach.

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