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Valeur has great experience of fast and effective obtaining e-mail permissions for newsletters and other marketing material. Our staff of mature consultants has a professional approach to gathering e-mail permissions.


  • ...Provide information about the purpose
  • ...Get the accept from the recipient
  • ...Close the conversation in a positive manner

E-mail is a form of marketing that is rapidly gaining ground on the market. Successfully obtaining e-mail permission can be an effective addition to canvassing as well as a primary form of marketing aimed at potential customers, who are costly to work with.

The strength of e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is personal marketing approach, where it is essential to have approval of the recipient in order to forward newsletters or other marketing material. Other marketing channels like newspaper ads or television spots usually cover a larger target group. Thus the chance of missing is likely.

The approval of the customer is important

Obtaining e-mail permission is your way of assuring that the recipient is familiar with your company and product and furthermore has expressed interest in an offer or other information from you.

When you obtain e-mail permission you also make sure that your e-mail doesn't end up in a spam filter or otherwise is perceived as spam. Furthermore distribution of random spam is illegal. As a result the possibility of a positive result and response to your e-mail is improbable without the approval of the recipient. If you obtain e-mail permissions you will also learn that the response you get is positive and more frequent, because you have the approval of the recipient, which also has a positive effect on your brand.

Valeur obtains e-mail permissions in Scandinavia, Finland, Germany, Benelux and the UK.

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