International telemarketing

After nearly 20 years as providers of telemarketing services and market research, Valeur has a distinct knowledge of the Danish and Scandinavian market. We are also familiar with the market outside Scandinavia and have build knowledge regarding formal, cultural, and practical circumstances that is essential when operating internationally.

We speak many languages

Valeur has built an international department with consultants who speak English, German, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish. To ensure the best possible project process, it is significant that our consultants and your company have a healthy ongoing dialogue regarding the course of the project.

Sales overseas

We are aware that the costs are higher when doing sales activity abroad, compared to the costs you would have, carrying out domestic campaigns. That is why it is of great importance to us, to create superb sales conditions for our customers, who want to do business abroad.

We offer to arrange all your appointments through old fashion canvassing or collecting the necessary information, in order for you to do your own work with the prospects.

Valeur's primary markets are Scandinavia, Finland, Germany, Benelux and the UK.

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