Our approach

Appointment setting and B2B canvassing is all about opening doors between your company and potential customers. Valeur is the serious business partner, who has the right knowhow, experience and staff to set up the right appointment in exactly the right marked. We operate in the private as well as the public sector, across both sectors, and in all industries. We have no limitations.

Appointment setting and B2B canvassing is about human- and business contact, and our experienced consultants knows what it takes to set up the right appointment, regardless of industry, sector, or purpose. At Valeur we believe that it is not about setting up as many appointments as possible, but setting up valuable and qualitative appointments.

To sustain this work process, we generally try to work from the proper starting point and with the proper premises. Below you can see how Valeur builds the foundation for efficient B2B canvassing and appointment setting.

The initial meeting

Collaboration with Valeur begins with a meeting, where the customer and our sales department define the task together. At the meeting we take the role as the advisory business partner, who can guide your company through the canvassing work. As a result of our broad industry knowledge, we have the necessary competencies to assess every assignment regarding target group and the marketing strategy of the customer. At the meeting we assess the needed task and plan out the most suitable approach, which after the meeting is drawn up in a sales presentation and sent to the customer for approval.

Target group and lead generation

The foundation of an effective B2B sales call is having defined, chosen and retrieved exactly the right target group. In collaboration with the customer we a deliver a pool of prospects, which we thoroughly work through, to make sure we only have highly relevant prospects. This procedure secures a frictionless process, where the chance of setting up relevant appointments is more likely. Without this thorough procedure the risk of wasting time on the phone and setting up unqualified appointments is high. At Valeur we have the necessary tools and above all the required knowledge to define the right target group and essentially provide a comprehensive list of potential customers.

Online calendar, preparation and coordination

A significant factor in the appointment setting process is the logistic setup. We are able to run small campaigns for a single sales consultant, but also larger campaigns for several hundred consultants at a time. In order to run large campaigns the coordination between our consultants and the sales consultants of the customer has to be immaculate, if the risk of error and misunderstanding is to be minimized.

At Valeur we are aware of this and we thus have different tools to facilitate these needs. Our primary tool is an online calendar, which is available in real time to both our consultants as well as the customers, who carries out the appointment. The calendar is compatible with Microsoft Outlook.

Project management

Valeur has a well educated project department with high professional standards, who handles planning, coordination, and management of the campaigns. All project managers have Masters Degrees and are also your partner when it comes to business advice and sparring. The project managers make sure that the customers marketing strategy is prioritized and they are in constant contact with our consultants, keeping an eye on every ongoing project. The project managers also keep close contact with the customer, sharing knowledge and experiences regarding the campaign, in order to secure progress and development in the canvassing effort. It is essential to us to be proactive as well as action and solution oriented, and we react instantly, if things don't develop as expected. As customer you will experience a high level of commitment and productivity, in order to make the most of every day and every hour.
The project department constantly keeps track of the project development, and is always available with a fresh report on the customer's projects.

Project start up meeting

Prior to a project we find it important that all involved parts meet each other to share their expectations as well as their knowledge. Thus we arrange a start up meeting, where our consultant(s), our project manager and the customer participate. At this meeting the main agenda is to equip the consultant to make calls in name of the customer. The consultant is introduced to the product or service, which is the basis of the project. Furthermore we want our consultant to be familiar with the company and organization he or she is representing as well as the culture and values of the company. This way the consultant will appear credible and competent in the dialogue that becomes the foundation of the appointment, and the impression the potential customer has made from the phone conversation will match the impression from the actual appointment.

Our consultants

With an average age of 47 years for our staff and a decision to keep all employees on a fixed salary, we differ significantly from other companies in the telemarketing industry. The composition and the ongoing recruitment of new employees is based on a vision to employ the most qualified and mature staff and we aim to employ insightful people, who has previously had successful careers in many different industries.


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