Prospect databases

Target group analysis increases efficiency

A vital aspect of persistent canvassing is to have a good starting point in terms of well defined target group. At Valeur we help narrow down the exact right target group and thereby create a strong foundation for effective telemarketing. When the target group is clearly defined we create a database, where all prospects are included. The database undergoes ongoing development, because our consultants add new knowledge and information that may emerge during the calls.

Our prospect databases are always up-to-date

An updated database is necessary in order to maintain a high level of efficiency in the canvassing effort. A prospect database containing the latest data is an excellent foundation for improved results.

Because of our comprehensive and detailed database, we are able to provide you with general knowledge on your market, but also specific knowledge about single prospects. See more about this in the section on direct mail campaigns.

We can optimize your current prospect database

If your company holds databases that haven't been updated for a while, Valeur can help you update it. We assess the database by going through it one by one and call every entry in it. The primary purpose is to get all the relevant information, but at our customer's request, we also carry out appointment setting or canvassing. This procedure presents the customer with an updated database that enables a more focused marketing campaign, for example a direct mail campaign.

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