Scandinavian telemarketing in the B2B market

20 years of experience in B2B telemarketing provides us with a profound knowledge of the Scandinavian market and its formal, cultural and practical market conditions. This makes Valeur A/S your reliable business partner when your company wishes to operate in the Scandinavian markets.

Scandinavian telemarketing in the native language

Our telemarketing department in Copenhagen is the home of a special Scandinavian telemarketing team with Danish, Swedish and Norwegian consultants who all have extensive experience in B2B sales and telemarketing. We will match you with a Scandinavian consultant in Copenhagen who speaks the native language of the Scandinavian market you want to enter.

When we work with Scandinavian telemarketing it is important for us that our consultant in Copenhagen have a close ongoing cooperation with your business during the project to ensure a successful process. We apply standard procedures to create the best possible conditions for a productive cooperation. Learn more about our approach in general and our value-adding processes here.

"During my ongoing contact with the consultant Ole, he has provided me with valuable information about the client prior my meetings, just as I ensure that Ole is well equipped to approach our prospects," tells Morten Frost, Sales Manager at Juhl A/S.

Sales in the Swedish and Norwegian markets

We are aware that the costs associated with marketing activities outside the Danish borders are more extensive than only operating in Denmark. Because of this, it is important for us to give your business the best possible sales conditions when working with Scandinavian telemarketing in the Swedish and Norwegian markets.

Our Scandinavian consultants in Copenhagen clarify several points during a conversation with a prospect such as:

  • Who has the final say in the organization according to the product?
  • Annual procurement need?
  • Current supplier of the product/service?
  • The company's general view on the product/service?

Our consultant arranges the meetings by good old-fashioned canvassing or collects relevant information for your company to contact with the prospect yourself - thus creating leads for your business.

Our Scandinavian telemarketing references

Among our telemarketing references in the Swedish and Norwegian markets, you will find:

Contact our Scandinavian telemarketing department in Copenhagen or use our contact form to learn more about how Valeur A/S can help your company with Scandinavian telemarketing.

Interested in entering other countries than Scandinavia such as Germany, France or the United States? Our international telemarketing department provides you with Danish consultants with extensive experience in international B2B sales who also master several languages. Learn more about our international telemarketing here.


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