Value added prospects

One of the factors that have had great influence on Valeur's continuous growth, have been a persistent focus on updating and optimizing existing prospect databases. 20 years of telemarketing within and across all industries, in the public as well as private sector, has given us a very extensive and well kept database of companies and very specific information about these companies. This database has helped us become only one of twelve Danish companies, who have doubled their turnover over the last four years, for five straight years.

Our Data range widely

Valeur can provide several databases within markets and industries, which gives your company access to a very specific market.

Furthermore we step in as your advisory business partner, when it comes to canvassing and appointment setting in the market suited for your product or service.

All our databases are divided into industry
Below you find a selection of our databases, which can become the foundation for your future sales campaigns

  • Chain offices (in Denmark and Sweden)
  • Municipalities
  • Clean-Tech companies
  • Local departments of corporations
  • Growth companies
  • Companies segmented by industry
  • Companies segmented by geography
  • Companies segmented by size
  • See how Valeur works systematically with prospective customer databases

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